Normal Life is a Luxury

Normal Life is a Luxury

I’ve spent a lifetime in pursuit of a normal life. Try as I might, it’s nearly always just out of reach. That’s what happens when you have multiple chronic illnesses. They take up so much room that normal, everyday things get pushed aside. On rare occasions, I get to enjoy small servings of normal. Each one is a precious luxury that is never taken for granted. My revised goal is simply to achieve ONE normal activity every day. When it happens, I bask in the glow, cherishing each moment that resembles a normal life.

Many would give anything for just a small taste of normalcy. We dream of a hum drum life filled with dinners, dishes, car pools, rush hour traffic, and the million other things that make up the average person’s day. When disease and illness chip away at your ability to engage in everyday activities, you have a choice. You can wallow in the misery of your lot in life or you can fight like hell to hold on to what little sense of normalcy remains.  I choose to fight and then celebrate every small victory as if I had just climbed Mount Everest. In truth, many everyday activities do feel like I’m climbing a mountain.

It is a luxury to be able to cook your own food, wash your own dishes, and do your own laundry. I stopped seeing them as unsavory chores a long time ago. On those infrequent days when I am able to care for myself and others, unpleasant chores become luxurious opportunities. When “must do” transforms into “can’t do” your whole outlook on life changes. Those rare “can do” moments are met with enthusiastic excitement. Almost any activity can be a sweet, satisfying luxury when you are denied the privilege. Never take those routine, everyday activities for granted.

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A great way to remind us sometimes we need an “attitude adjustment.” I’ll make a few attitude adjustments for the chores I don’t enjoy. At least I can do them, that’s something. Thank you for the reminder.

I’m constantly bored and feeling like I want a life that isn’t ordinary. I should consider myself lucky to be able to say I have a boring life more often. Thanks for the reminder that at least I’m not in pain every day. I’ll try to lower my complaining about 90 percent!

What a great look you have! So many people take everyday chores as a hassle, not knowing how many people would love to do them!

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