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Hi, I’m Tammy and I’d be honored to work with you. I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, licensed by the state of Kansas. Clients reach out to me from all over the state because I can work with anyone, anywhere and none of us ever have to leave the comfort of our homes. I choose to specialize in telehealth counseling to meet the needs of people in remote areas who may not have access to specialized mental health services and those who have medical or mobility issues that prevent them from leaving the home.

Migraine was ruining my life. It stole countless important moments. Migraine even interrupted my career. I was desperate for relief and almost gave up. Yet there was this small spark of stubbornness that refused to give up. Determined to find solutions, I took charge of my treatment. Now I control migraine. It does not control me. I even got my career back! Now, I’m dedicated to helping others discover a life of peaceful coexistence with migraine and headache and empowering them to embrace joy and a sense of purpose.

I have been a practicing counselor since 2010, starting my career working with children and families in their homes. From 2011 to 2014 I was in private practice in Lawrence, Kansas under the name Safe Harbour Counseling. By 2014 my health began to deteriorate and I needed a change that would allow me focus better on my own self-care. That’s when I transitioned to online counseling, working mostly with clients experiencing chronic pain. 

In 2019, I had the unique opportunity to live abroad in Germany where I worked for a private practice serving the American expat and military community. This expanded my reach to English-speaking clients all over the world. As a result of working with military families, I began to see the great need for trauma-informed counseling. When the pandemic started in early 2020 it became clear that the need for trauma therapy was urgent. With additional training, I began officially treating trauma as well chronic pain. Given that people who’ve experienced early childhood trauma and/or traumatic brain injuries also have frequent headaches and unexplained joint and muscle pain, the transition was a natural one.

In mid-2021, I returned to the U.S. where I restarted my online private practice and continued to expand my expertise in treating trauma survivors. I now work with clients in four U.S. states and ten countries, including crisis therapy for Ukrainian refugees and those still caught in the violence of war.

Tammy’s Resume

2022 Resume