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  • Why is Self-Care so Hard?
    Why is Self-Care so Hard?
    We hear a lot about self-care but not about handling situations that prevent self-care. Why is self-care so hard?
  • Is Online Therapy Right for Me?
    Is Online Therapy Right for Me?
    The biggest factors are your symptoms and the right technology.
  • Mental Wellness - The Brain Blog at Telespera Counseling
    Mental Wellness
    Try these daily exercises to maintain mental wellness, make good decisions, and continue to look out for and support each other.
  • Broken
    We're not fooling anyone. The damage, that broken part we try so hard to pretend isn't there, is not hidden.
  • Remedy for Fear
    Truth is the remedy for fear. Knowledge — accurate, relevant information — can help us make reasonable decisions in the face of so much unrest.
  • Normal Life is a Luxury
    Many would give anything for just a small taste of normal life. Almost any activity can be a sweet, satisfying luxury when you are denied the privilege.
  • Avoid a Fibro Flare
    We can't always prevent or avoid a fibro flare. However, it helps to have some simple strategies to reduce the risk. What are your Fibro Top 10?
  • Change is healthy
    In a moment, a surreal silence saturated air once filled with a flurry of activity. Even the dog sensed it. Change happened in an instant.
  • Beat Anxiety
    Controlling Anxiety
    Anxiety can be tough to beat. Using creative strategies, you can learn to shut down your alert response system. You can finally beat anxiety.