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You can be free from
worry, shame & guilt.

Tammy Rome

Tammy Rome, LCPC, NCC

I help anxious over-achievers like you,
silence their inner critic.

You’ve accomplished so much, but you’re still so hard on yourself. You never settle for anything less than PERFECT. Your big fear is that your best just isn’t good enough. Afraid of being vulnerable, you keep most people at arm’s length. You fill your days leaving no time to care for yourself or nurture your closest relationships. You appear confident and polished, but inside you feel inadequate and desperately alone.

Find Hope Again

Tame your anxiety

Silence your inner critic

Stop chasing perfection

Unravel the chaos

What if…

What if you could finally stop chasing perfection? What if you could finally feel satisfied with yourself? What if you are loved and admired—flaws and all?

No more guilt trips. No more working yourself to exhaustion. No more living your life to please others.

Just imagine it.

Imagine a life free from the pressure of doing it all and always doing it perfectly. Imagine what you could accomplish if you were free to create the life you wanted to live?

You could finally let people in without all that fear and shame weighing you down. You could finally break free to set life on your terms.

Choosing a guide

I bet you’re having a lot of big feelings right now. I get it. Starting therapy is a big decision. You need a guide who’s been there and can see things from your perspective. I’ve walked the path of healing, so I won’t just point you in the right direction. Instead, I’ll travel the road with you.

Next Steps

You deserve to work with a therapist who’s your ideal fit. To make sure we’re a great fit, I’m offering you a free 30-minute consultation.  Even if we’re not a good fit, I’ll still help you find someone just right for you.

At telEspera Counseling, you’ll discover a different kind of therapy — one tailored just for you. It begins with a detailed first appointment. We’ll take extra time to explore the history of your concerns and your goals before starting therapy.

Choosing to begin healing is an important decision. That’s why you need a guide who’s been through it before. As a recovering perfectionist who’s finally free of fear, I won’t just point you in the right direction, I’ll travel the road with you.

If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.

Brené Brown

Master the art of self-love and you will never have to seek validation ever again

Anjum Choudhary

"Have I gone mad?" I'm afraid so — but let me tell you something — the best people usually are.

Mad Hatter